Name: Icy

Power: Ice and Hate
Attack: Ice Coffin
Hair: White-Blue
Eyes: Blue

Age (of First Appearance): 20
Current Age: 23
Color: Blue
Family: Darcy (sister), Stormy (sister)
Enemies: The Winx


  1. beautiful icy.
    is they going to be involed in season 5?
    by the way phoebe, u are really hardworking updatting u'r website .

  2. Yeah, I hope Icy's in Season 5, too, but I don't know...

  3. any chance that icy is going to be a good gug ???

  4. lol you need a brain transporting machine got make icy half good!

  5. they say that stella is gonna die in season 5. 100% true ...
    i hope not !

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! she doesn't . never

  6. Darn....I love Icy. She's just so gorgeous.

  7. I like her hair. And her color choice. (<3 aqua)

  8. omg wowerz, i luuuv icy, shes definetly the most diabolical of the three, plus, she has a fashion sense *hem hem DARCY* and she can control her anger *hem hem STORMY* plus she has awesumm powers and hair!!! lol join the fan club!!

  9. Icy was already 20 in season 1? Does Cloudtower keep them there for 5 years or something? Are they supposed to be seniors in the Rai universe? Or are they really 16 as well? I admit, Icy's hair is quite pretty but I always wonder how Icy became the way she is. Was she brought up by her parents to be evil or did she just grow to become that way? Does Icy even have a soul? She mentioned in season 3 that "My heart has already frozen over." Kinda creepy thinking about what Icy's heart looks like and how twisted her soul must be.

    1. I read the ancestral witch's took over her soul

  10. DaTrix dont a family so she and her sisters stayed in cloudtower

  11. you should put who she worked with (like baltor and lord darkar)

  12. icy sorta funny i hope shes in season 5 does any one know wen the 2nd movie is coming

  13. she is so gorgous!I agree she's sometimes funny too. I totally love her hair and clothes. She is the only villian in Trix club i love!

  14. icy's my fauvorite villian she's cold i mean cool

    1. lol. good one girl.
      by no.1 winxfan

  15. Layla n Amentia= MandyJanuary 25, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    The reasons I'm like the Trix

    Icy: I have an Army of Decay aka my BFFs
    Darcy: I look like her...
    Stormy: I have anger problems...

  16. The Trix don't have a family? Then, how on Earth did they come into this world? Or did their parents die when they were young? They really should tell us more about the Trix. It would be interesting to wonder what they were like when they were 10 or something.

  17. aren't the ancient witches their grandma ?????

    1. ancestor
      by no.winxfan

  18. Well, they're their ancestors. I guess I could add that, I just don't know for sure...

  19. Well everybody has parents...or had some part of their lives. And I also think Icy has soul. She's still human in a way and well she cares 4 her sisters. they protect each other so they all have soul. in my opinion.

  20. oops i forgot to add my name on last one....

  21. icy is my all time favourite trix. they should make a episode about her and why she actually wants to control the universe and maybe she secretly wishes to have a baby girl name snowia

    1. Maybe icy is the real mother of Elsa from frozen

  22. Awwwwwww... cuteness!!!! If Snowia was a fairy, I wonder if Icy would stop hating fairies!

  23. if snowia join the winx girls n fight the evil will icy killed her own daughter ?????????

  24. i don't think icy would have wanted snowia to join alfeaand she couldn't kill her own daughter and for a good thing snowia could teach her mother what's it's like to be good and she won't be evil anymore and she will love and care for her child.

  25. Phoebe...I'm busy writing a book and i would like to know if i could use some of your fairies caracteristics especially the ones of the enemies. let me know...you can also visit my blog on www.fantasycorners.blogspot.com for any questions about my book...tx a mil

  26. Well, they aren't my characters, their not my property. This is just a fansite.


  28. Hmm, I don't really know what I did to deserve THAT, but whateves.

    1. Phoebe I like u

      AND TO I HTE U.............. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? PHOEBE DID NOT DESERVE THAT

  29. Okay Cool, Thanks anyway... Nice site though

  30. Avatar Person (Layla n Amentia) who loves the movie AvatarApril 20, 2010 at 6:42 AM

    Who wrote that?


  32. omg i LOVE Icy! she's the best ever & should totally be in season 5! =D

  33. Reasons I love and hate Trix

    Icy: She is so beautiful! Yes whoo! But she could easily beat me like butching up a pig. ( Unless I am more powerful than her!
    Darcy: She does not have fashion... She is like a tomboy a bit. But I love her look too!
    Stormy: Help me! My tempers burnin'!

  34. is the trix emo or something?

  35. Icy is so cute looking...But I don't know y they stopped her at season 4

  36. i can not believe you all are saying nice things about this witch. New flash: she's evil, she could turn you into an ice pick, and witches hate complamints. but you all are right;the hair is awesome. i wonder what it would look like cut

    1. moonlight the fairyFebruary 26, 2012 at 3:32 PM

      Cut hair NOT FOR THE TRIX
      I hate ICY LOVE darcy

  37. Icy is amazing witch of all the Trix.You rock.

  38. Im not sooooooooo sure that Icy, Stormy and Darcy are sisters. True they do call each oher sisters but they caan be like u know sister-like-freinds cuz when in season3 they fall in that river which flows backwards in Linphea(Floras planet)(I dont remember the name and Linphea's spelling might be wrong) Icy says to Darcy(I think) that "Ur hair lokked like THAT!!" I think she WOULD know how her sisters hair looked when she was young.

  39. true, it is still a mystery.......

  40. maybe since they r evil, their family had some hard times, (with all there anger issues and the powers and the blah blah blah blah blah...)perhaps they didn't see eachother too often like if they were split up most of the time


    1. Why not!? They're amazing. They tried to kill Bloom... Better type some more compliments I never liked Bloom.

  42. i hate icy i kinda like stormy shes not that mean!!


  43. SELENZ THEY R NOT TRU SISTERS they r just witches frends pretend sisters k,if they wer sisters theyd all live in the same realm,but just bcus they r witches dosnt mean they r sistes,here icy is ice darcy is darkness stormy is queen of storms,cnot related!ice,darkness,storm.


  44. raindrop is rite these witches r evil they could make fun of yall so stop saying nice things 2 them,wow i cannot believe yall!dont yall like the winx girls,and anyway ur suppossed 2 hate this witches!they could make u poop in front in front of ur classmates!think how emmbarising that could b!i am disappointed!


  45. YEH RITE LIKE SHE IS SO BEUTYFULL A LOt of pple had voted her 50% i am totally disappointed!!!ppl if u want 2 b evil i am not fine with that i want u all 2 b good kind k pls!


    1. Wow chill, just because we like a character doesn't mean we're evil killers! We can think an evil character is beautiful without thinking it's okay to kill people. Just because you don't like a character doesn't mean everyone has to hate them too. And who are you to say what we do and how we vote.

  46. I never care a bout that girl who ever she is , i mine she is evil not cool and mostley ugley

  47. i don't find Icy's strong enough anymore to even challenge the winx. Once they get their season 5 transformation she won't have a chance!

  48. i am not sure about icy, she can be strange in ways. i really do not like the Trix anyway

  49. will they ever give up? i mean, they have been at the winx's throats ever since season 1. every time they try, they always fail. the winx are unbeatable!

  50. I wasn't just gonna read all the recent comments and not say anything - Icy is freaking beautiful and smart and cool and awesome! The writers sucked in seasons 2 and 3 by making her be submissive to others. That SOOOOO did not do her justice, okay? If the characters in the show could act how they wanted to in all the episodes and stuff, like without a script, I GUARANTEE that Icy wouldn't have been taking orders from Darkar or B/Valtor or ANYONE.

    I know she's one of the antagonists of the show so of course there will be people who call her ugly just so they can have something bad to say in response to the people who like her, but anyone with eyes can see Icy's gorgeous. I hate Bloom with a passion and I'll admit she isn't ugly. She's definitely not gorgeous or anything, but I have no shame in admitting she is very pretty when she's her in Enchantix form. I love Icy and I know everyone has different opinions but it drives me crazy when people say Icy's ugly cuz very clearly she is not. The only character in the whole show who I would call ugly is Lucy and I don't know anyone who would fight me on that lol.

    Something else I got very mad at the writers for was that in season 1 the Trix are SO powerful; then in season 2 their Gloomixes are supposed to make them even stronger than before but maybe it's cuz I hate the injustice of season 2 to the witches, what with the whole Lord Darkar thing, that I don't really see that; then in season 3 WHICH I HATE SOOOO MUCH the witches can't do like anything to the fairies. Yes the fairies have grown stronger over the past couple of years but why would that equal the witches getting weaker? You'd think it'd make the fairies and witches equal in strength which would make for some pretty cool battle scenes if you ask me. But of course that's not how the writers did it. Grrr.

    For those who are coming onto Icy's page just to talk about all the reasons you hate her, what's the point? To annoy her fans? You don't see me going onto Bloom's page and talking about all the reasons I hate HER, now do you? And for the record I am not evil nor do I wish to be. Keep in mind, it's a TV show; it's not like I'd actually adore someone who acted like Icy in real life. But on the show? Yeah, I love her. <3

    1. Well said! Took the words right out of my mouth. She is the best and these haters can suck it.

  51. Imtotallyawinxfanandtheno1ofitsodontchangethesubjectApril 30, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    OMG! There's this site right, and it says the trix might be in season 5, OMG! I saw the first episode of Season 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to a fairy park in Gardenia(Italy) and I met Iginio Straffi!

  52. STARFIRE@GLAMOURMay 17, 2011 at 5:30 AM

    hey are u the 1 who commented on Stormy

  53. STARFIRE@GLAMOURMay 20, 2011 at 2:54 AM

    who is Ignio Straffi

  54. STARFIRE@GLAMOURMay 20, 2011 at 11:29 PM

    SORRY i just had forgot him .

  55. HEMAWARI/HEM*STELLMay 24, 2011 at 7:45 AM




    1. Actully, The real transformation is Sirenix and I'm pretty sure season 5 is water based. You can't of seen the first episode of season 5 beacause it only comes out in Feb 2012. And I doubt that Ingino straffi would Turn Winx dark which comes to dimentix. It's fan made. :)

  58. STARFIRE@GLAMOURJuly 2, 2011 at 2:18 AM

    are u telling d truth?????????!!!!!!!!
    but stella is sooo cool. Ibet u r lying+there is no such thing as dimentix.

  59. brina i read ur commet and i dont think so. iceys so full of hate.

  60. i hope stella dosnt die cas that would tear the winx apart remember in seson 3 or was it 2 anyway wenh tecna disapered they almost like brokeup the winx club.besids they have the dark gift they would bring her back to life.:)

  61. ilove icey iknow iceys is like all butifull and stuff but her hate makes her ugllllllllly

  62. WHAT???????????????????????

  63. hi. how is everyone? Icy Darcy and Stormy are sisters. They just don`t remember due to faild spells while freshmores in Cloud tower maybe. my opinion though. But it makes sense to me. Anyway i think Icy looked soo coool and cute when she was a child. I wonder if anyone in the winx club out of boys r in love with icy?

  64. and ait to think the heros and the winx are loder then the trix

  65. i love icy's hair.. it rules!!!!!!

    and yea there has gotta be a bf for icy... i think icy and valtor were a cute couple even though they didnt date

  66. i love icy's hair too. it rocks!

  67. I don't think The Trix are real sisters. It's because all of them have different powers and therefore come from different realms. Moreover, each of them has a different ancestor. So you can't put Stormy and Darcy under Icy's "family"!

  68. isupporticyXvaltorandbloomXskyMay 22, 2012 at 7:50 PM

    Icy is the best of the trix then darcy then stormy.

    Icy = giant barbie doll
    Darcy = lady stuck in 2002
    Stormy = Got her head stuck in a toilet

    1. i love icy and darcyMay 22, 2012 at 7:51 PM

      Me : Icy... sorta true... Darcy... not true Stormy... VERY TRUE.

  69. i always thought that Icy Darcy and Stormy were like, "best fiends" because in season 3 Stormy says "yeah, cause we're like, best friends." Also they dont look alike.
    i luv Icy and Darcy.
    btw... who came up with the names for these people bcuz they're really lame.
    i <3<3<3<3 this show!!!!!

  70. without the trix winx club would just be sooooo damn boring... also if stormy comes out with straight hair she would look better I GUESS....
    well i just wanna say that trix add spice to winx club.:> :D ;P

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  77. Icy is the best trix and the best character on the show. ~<3

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    1. icy is soooooo cool without her I don't know what would have happened to the trix if icy wasn't there!!!!!

      I love darcy too.

  79. i'm sorry that wasn't ment to be a reply!!!

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